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Day 34: Downhill Stretch

After all the ups and downs of yesterday, I slept like a stone statue last night. Luckily today was a mostly downhill affair with some of the finest weather to date (21°C with a slight breeze). Read more

Day 32: Uchiko

After a better night’s sleep than I’ve had in a few days I woke shortly after 6am and was heading out of Ōzu by 7. I passed scores of kids on their way to school and saw a group of them sweeping their playground. Only in Japan. Read more

Day 22: Shikoku-no-michi Trail

Somewhat confusingly, as well as the henro pilgrim trail, there is also another called the Shikoku-no-michi route around the island. Both are shown in the English guide book and often overlap. Read more

Day 14: Iokidō Cave

Sleeping on the beach last night was fairly uneventful as far as my forays into wild camping go. With nothing else but the sound of the waves I became slightly paranoid about getting washed away by the incoming tide but looking out at the view of the stars and the moon soon belayed any fears. Read more

Day 13: Beach Camping

I woke early as usual just in time to see the sunrise over Cape Muroto at 5am. After breakfast I got the bust up to Shinshō-ji (津照寺 – 25), where I had finished walking yesterday, and continued on by foot towards Kongōchō-ji (金剛頂寺 – 26) which was only 4km away. Read more

Mt. Daibosatsu Camping

Quite by accident, summer 2015 turned into a series of camping trips, starting with my brief overnight stay at Freemont Peak where I caught the bug for it. After returning to Tokyo I resolved to undertake a multi-day adventure and started researching my options and the equipment I’d need. Read more