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Kingdom of Thailand

Bangkok to Cambodia by Train

In recent years my vacation time had become so compressed that there was rarely ever the time to take the scenic longer route anywhere. When it came to visiting Cambodia it would have been fastest to fly in via Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh but since I had managed to carve out two weeks of leave I instead opted to take the train. Read more

Bangkok Backstreets

Over the Christmas holidays I travelled to Cambodia by way of Bangkok, spending two nights and a day in the capital. Since I’d already seen most of the main sights back in 2012 it was nice not to be under any pressure to do anything specific and steer well clear of the crowds. Read more

Thai New Year in Tai Po

Search for “Shek Kwu Lung Village” (石古壟) and you’ll find next to no information about this sleepy corner of Tai Po district (大埔區) in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Surprisingly though, the area houses a large Thai Buddhist temple, used predominantly by the Thai community living in and around the area. During Thai New Year in mid-April I paid a visit… Read more

Thailand Tuk-tuks

For any visitor new to Thailand, one of the first things you’ll notice are the small three-wheeled taxis which zip around the roads at alarming speeds with little concern for the rules of the roads. These motorised rickshaws are of course the ubiquitous tuk-tuk (ตุ๊กตุ๊ก), so-called because of the sound they make. With their brightly coloured metallic bodies and swarthy drivers they make a great subject to photograph. Read more

Bangkok Day 3 Afternoon: Chinatown

After a very enjoyable morning wandering through the back streets of Yaowarat and Phahurat I arrived at Bangkok’s Chinatown via Tri Mit Road, and headed for the Chinese Arch at the Odeon Circle. Officially known as the King’s Birthday Celebration Arch, it was built by the Thai-Chinese community in 1999 to show their loyalty to the Thai royal family. Read more

Bangkok Day 3 Morning: Yaowarat & Phahurat

After being forced to rub shoulders with much of Bangkok’s tourist population the previous day I decided to change tracks and headed to the multicultural district of Yaowarat and Phahurat (เยาวราชและพาหุรัด) which is home to sizeable Chinese and Indian communities. Filled with narrow alleyways and street markets, what the neighbourhoods lack in grandiose attractions, is made up for with local character aplenty. Read more

Bangkok Day 2: Grand Palace & Wat Arun

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday then Bangkok probably wouldn’t be your first choice. What with year-round heat and frenetic streets which require your full attention just to navigate, the city assaults your every sense each time you step out the door. It barely lets up unless you manage to escape to one of its quieter quarters, of which the historic center of Rattanakosin (รัตนโกสินทร์) is not one. Read more

Bangkok Day 1: Canal Boats & Golden Mount

Everyone who knows I live in China is always surprised to learn that I’d never visited Southeast Asia – up until now I had always been more preoccupied with exploring the mainland and Korea / Japan. I decided to put this straight and during the Chinese New Year holidays and managed to get some cheap tickets to Bangkok in Thailand. Read more