From Kōchi

Kōchi Prefecture (高知県) – austerity and discipline (修行)

Day 27: Crouching Tiger, Drowned Rat

Waking this morning to the sound of heavy rain banging against the barred windows of the cheap Business Hotel, I felt exhausted before even sitting up. I took the executive decision to make a dash for Enkō-ji (延光寺 – 39) and then rest during the afternoon. Read more

Day 26: The Long Way Round

Being a sucker for following the “scenic route” I had chosen to take the longest trail (E) between Kongōfuku-ji (金剛福寺 – 38) and Enkō-ji (延光寺 – 39) which is around 20km further than the shortest. Read more

Day 25: Bamboo Rocks

Aside from the low whirr of a nearby vending machine and the occasional passing vehicle, last nights camping under Ashizuri hut was a success. Read more

Day 23: Anpanman

After a restive night I woke this morning to find my tent pretty damp, probably because of my close proximity to the sea, so it took a while to let it dry out before packing up. Read more

Day 22: Shikoku-no-michi Trail

Somewhat confusingly, as well as the henro pilgrim trail, there is also another called the Shikoku-no-michi route around the island. Both are shown in the English guide book and often overlap. Read more

Day 21: The Tin Man

Last nights camping passed without incident and, given that I’m a light sleeper, I’m amazed I managed to get a few hours decent kip. As you may have guessed, I’m trying to alternate nights under canvas with those indoors (weather permitting). Read more

Day 19: Kokumin-shukusha Tosa

Waking with the sunrise at 5am this morning I shuffled out of my sleeping bag to conduct the usual temple rituals before bidding farewell to Kiyotaki-ji (清滝寺 – 35) around 7am. Read more