From Ehime

Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県) – enlightenment (菩提)

Day 40: High Times

Rice plants

Today was a 40km straight shot from Saijō City to Shikoku-chuo City along the concave top of the island via local roads most of the way. The forecast rain never materialised so all-in-all a pretty successful day. Read more

Day 38: Kyōmyōji

Photographing bamboo forest

Unlike Kochi Prefecture, the temples in Ehime are far closer together and today we visited four in quick succession. Luckily the weather remained dry and there was even a smattering of sun! Read more

Day 37: Windswept Imabari

Stone faces

We woke this morning to the smell of freshly baked bread which Shin-San, at Hōjōsuigun Youth Hostel, had made. Along with homemade blueberry jam and yoghurt it was a welcome change from the usual savoury Japanese breakfast you get at most places. Read more

Day 36: An Unexpected Surprise

Seto Insland Sea

I woke extra early this morning at 5am since I wanted to get as much walking done as possible before the forecasted rain due late morning. On the way out I met Tom who’d had a similar idea but was going to take some shortcuts by train since he’s running out of time on his tourist visa. Read more

Day 35: Matsuyama

Dōgo Onsen

After an uneventful night camping in Jōnofuchi Park I woke early, packed and headed to a nearby combini for a simple breakfast (bread, milk, and a banana). Read more

Day 34: Downhill Stretch

Old lady farming

After all the ups and downs of yesterday, I slept like a stone statue last night. Luckily today was a mostly downhill affair with some of the finest weather to date (21°C with a slight breeze). Read more

Day 33: Iwaya-ji

Statues at Iwaya-ji

I had a bit of a scary moment last night. Having fallen asleep in my tent around 10pm I was suddenly awoken by a bright light. I checked my phone and momentarily thought I’d overslept before realising it was still night. Read more

Day 32: Uchiko

Noren curtain

After a better night’s sleep than I’ve had in a few days I woke shortly after 6am and was heading out of Ōzu by 7. I passed scores of kids on their way to school and saw a group of them sweeping their playground. Only in Japan. Read more

Day 31: Garyu Sanso

Garyū Sansō garden

Upon leaving Matsu-ya Business Hotel this morning the sky looked as if it had violent intentions so I donned my wet weather gear and began to trudge along the road. Read more