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Day 35: Matsuyama

After an uneventful night camping in Jōnofuchi Park I woke early, packed and headed to a nearby combini for a simple breakfast (bread, milk, and a banana). Read more

Sagami Bay Sunset

Every couple of months my team at work take a day or two out from our normal schedules to work remotely on an individual project of our choosing. Our favourite place to go is a co-working space along the coast near Kamakura. It has beautiful views over Sagami Bay (相模湾) and on our last visit we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. Read more

Hong Kong Moments V

Since moving to Hong Kong at the beginning of 2011 I’ve been slowly building a bigger picture of this multifaceted metropolis and the people who live here – it’s been a fascinating year and undoubtably one of the best. In the first since 2010’s instalment of this series here are some more Hong Kong Moments – from dusk till dusk.

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Return to Busan

It’s been over a month now since my last trip to Korea but I wanted to share a few photos from Busan (부산) which I visited for the second time since the first in 2008. Busan (or Pusan) is the second largest city in South Korea, located on the southeasternmost tip of the Korean peninsula.

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Sunset Over Atlanta Olympic Park

While in Atlanta last month I stayed at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center which had a balcony with wonderful views overlooking the Centennial Olympic Park. Even though I was jet lagged out of my 13-hour-difference mind I managed to stay awake long enough to grab some nice shots on two consecutive nights… Read more

Two Years in Five Minutes

The last few weeks have been pure madness. After Christmas my plan was to return to Shenzhen from the UK, finish my job, say goodbye to people, pack up my apartment, and then move across to Hong Kong. In the end I only spent 4 days in China before unexpectedly being summoned back to London after some complications with work permits arose. Read more

Christmas at Marsh View

On Christmas Eve I made the 18 hour journey from Shenzhen to my hometown in the UK; Norwich in Norfolk to spend the festive season at my parents home a little way outside the city center. Unlike last year they knew I was coming so there were no big surprises, only the inevitable jet lag brought on by the 8 hour time shift. Read more