Fremont Peak Camping

During the second weekend, I spent in San Francisco this summer a friend took me on a short road trip along the spectacular California coast between Monterey and Big Sur with an overnight camp at Fremont Peak State Park.


Opened in 1932, the Bixby Creek Bridge is one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world and an impressive feat of engineering.


Fremont Peak lies in the Gabilan Range, which runs parallel to the coastline. The park is easily accessible by car and has expansive views over Monterey Bay and the ocean. When choosing where to camp be sure to find a pitch which isn’t downwind from the toilets!


Watching the sunset above the clouds was simply magical.

Fremont Peak Observatory
Evidence for why the iPhone’s camera is so awesome.

To top off the day, Fremont Peak Observatory held an open evening for the public where volunteers trained a number of telescopes on different celestial bodies. Seeing the moon and Saturn up close was incredible.

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