Hong Kong Moments V

Since moving to Hong Kong at the beginning of 2011 I’ve been slowly building a bigger picture of this multifaceted metropolis and the people who live here – it’s been a fascinating year and undoubtedly one of the best. In the first since 2010’s instalment of this series here are some more Hong Kong Moments – from dusk till dusk.

Cheung Chau Sunset

Arriving late in the afternoon at Cheung Chau island I was almost running to catch the sunset but just missed it.


The area around Nam Koo Terrace in Wan Chai is particularly creepy and purportedly haunted!


Towngas doesn’t want people stealing its pipes.

Yellow Gas

While British Gas may prefer a blue hue, in Hong Kong the supply is decidedly more yellow.

Yellow Skyscraper

I suspect this particular skyscraper looks better with its clothes on than off.

No.1 Elections

Every 4 years Hong Kong gets pretty worked up with local elections although the positions hold little real power.


About all they can do is move street lights and clean up flyposting.

Spare Parts

How mechanics ever find anything in this car repair shop I can’t imagine.

Typographic Van

Chinese typography can be quite impactful and I liked the colour contrasts on this truck.

No Dumping

“No dumping of refuse or junk in public place. Offenders will be prosecuted”.

Corner Sign

I have no idea what this sign says but also liked the Klingon-esqe typography of the Chinese characters.

Bats on Sticks

Get your sun-dried organic bats on a stick here…

Lazy Cat

…possibly caught by this contented-looking cat in Sheung Wan.


A MINI espresso brought to you curtsy of Starbucks, everyone’s favourite virus-like franchise.

Skyline GT

A classic Nissan Skyline GT clings precariously to the steep incline of Aberdeen Street looking rather out-of-place.

Blue & Yellow Stipes

Without the colourful strips, the Wah Fu pubic housing estate near Pok Fu Lam would look like a prison.


And last but not least dusk below the towers of the Bel-Air residence at Cyberport. Lots more soon I promise!

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  1. gregorylent avatar

    nice collection … hk definitely has visual texture

    1. Thanks, I often say that in Hong Kong you can feel the weight of history 🙂

  2. Jessie avatar

    Hi, I came across your blog while wondering on the internet. As a girl born and grew up in HK, studied in England, and teaching foreigners Chinese, I found your posts really amusing! Bookmarked your blog already, looking forward to your new posts for the interesting texts and beautiful pictures. If you wanna know what the Chinese characters mean in your pictures, you can emails me.

    1. Thanks Jessie – I’m glad you like it!


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