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Reviews of hotels, guest houses and hostels to stay in (or away from)

Day 19: Kokumin-shukusha Tosa

Waking with the sunrise at 5am this morning I shuffled out of my sleeping bag to conduct the usual temple rituals before bidding farewell to Kiyotaki-ji (清滝寺 – 35) around 7am. Read more

A Week in Tokyo Part 1 – Kōenji & Kichijōji

At the end of last month I spent a week in Tokyo (including day trips to Yokohama and Kamakura) which was part-holiday, part-investigation for things I hope to talk about soon, but for now I thought I’d start a new series to share some of my stories and photos which I’ve spent the last week editing… Read more

Domus Mercury Minimalist Eco Living

Last weekend I finally moved out of the airport hotel and into a serviced apartment on Hong Kong Island where I’ll be for the next month until I find something more permanent. Having surveyed the options available there were clearly some tradeoffs to be made on the location vs price front but in the end I found somewhere pretty good. Read more

9 hours Designer Capsule Hotel

I’ve been lucky enough to stay at some very nice hotels over the past couple of years but in Japan I was on a tight budget and determined to try something a little different. Originally created for businessmen who worked too late to catch the last train home, capsule hotels (カプセルホテル) have developed as an economical alternative to normal hotels in a country where space comes at a premium. Read more

Le Royal Méridien Presidential Suite

Sometimes in life you have to pinch yourself to check what you’re experiencing is real. I had one such moment last weekend when I had the chance to visit the Presidential Suite of Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai. It just so happened to coincide with my birthday so was a pretty special occasion. Read on for the gory details. Read more

Hotel Éclat – Taipei

Last weekend I took a short trip to Taiwan, a mere 1.5 hours away from Hong Kong but in many respects a world apart from the mainland (depending on who you ask). Arriving Thursday evening in Taipei my first stop was Hotel Éclat, a stone’s throw away from Daan MTR station. As far as posh places I’ve stayed in without paying go (12) this probably tops the list for style and sheer exuberance. Read more