Sometimes in life you have to pinch yourself to check what you’re experiencing is real. I had one such moment last weekend when I had the chance to visit the Presidential Suite of Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai. It just so happened to coincide with my birthday so was a pretty special occasion. Read on for the gory details.

Presidential Suite Entrance

When was the last time your hotel room took up the entire floor of the building? The 63rd to be exact.

Presidential Suite Reception Lounge

Beyond the double doors you’re greeted by an amazing open plan lounge with panoramic views out over Shanghai. Even though it was cloudy the vista below was breathtaking. The sofa alone could probably seat eight people comfortably and in its entirety the suite covers a staggering 377-square meters.

Crouching Dragon

A short corridor lined with various original art pieces, including this impressive beast, takes you into the main room.

Presidential Suite Main Room

The room is centered on an enormous dining table inlaid with carvings and presided over by a massive chandelier. The style seemed to be a fusion of western and eastern influences.

Emperors Seat

To one side a seating area fit for an emperor to recline is located. Curious antiques were scattered on surfaces throughout the suite. This is one place you probably don’t want to let young children or small animals loose.

Chaise Lounge

A gold and red velvet chaise lounge sits seductively in one corder commanding a view of the city below.

Presidential Bedroom

The master bedroom is a mix of rich textures and patterns. Apparently Putin was particularly taken with the leopard-skin pillows the last time he stayed.

You Call That A Bath?!

I’m not sure whether you should call this a bath or a small swimming pool. I suspect the massive water shortages in southwest China this year might have something to do with this.

Dragon Sink

You think you have a nice sink? Think again. Imagine brushing your teeth in this baby! The toilet was similarly designed although I’m not sure I found the motif so attractive in that particular location.

Writing Desk

Should you fancy penning a best-selling novel or a letter to Barack then there’s the perfect desk to do it at, complete with brushes to show off your calligraphic skills.

Regal Dragon

A dragon stands majestically on the desk – my favorite shot from the day. A Chinese friend once asked me in all seriousness whether dragons really existed!

Plush Seating

After a busy day running the country what better place to sit and rest your weary legs with a mistress (or two)?

Candle Bomb

Is it a bomb or just an ornately shaped candle? Better ask your security detail to check.

Pentuple Purple

While snapping away some minions appeared from the servants entrance. They delivered these beautiful purple flowers (anyone know what they are?).


A lady in waiting stands pensively to one side. Her composure was quite remarkable.

Neon Swimming

All good leaders/dictators should have at least one shark or piranha infested aquarium in which to dispose rogue MI6 agents. This one was outside the hotel restaurant and consisted of four interconnected plexiglas arches.

Shanghai From Above

Joking aside it was a very special experience and the party in the evening was verging on legendary. While the decor is not to my taste it is opulent in the extreme and can be yours for a cool 88,888 RMB per night (£8,400). More Shanghai shenanigans soon.


  1. Angus Wong says:

    The purple flowers are flowers of onion. Just thought I would share. 🙂

    • David says:

      Thanks for the tip Angus! Who’d have thought that such an ordinary looking vegetable could have such beautiful flowers…

  2. Kathie Lancaster says:

    The master bedroom, I thought the sheets looked a bit creased. Better get onto that chambermaid. Might be garlic flowers, same family as onion though.
    Great coverage, David! We want to know about the party though.
    Kathie ( Simon’s Aunt)

    • David says:

      Hi Kathie – thanks for your comment! I’m afraid I completely forgot to take any pictures that evening so you may have to ask Simon or Zoe to fill you in!

  3. Margaret Gilbert says:

    Think the flowers are ‘Alliums’ ( a member of the onion family). I grow these at home in UK.

  4. Yang says:

    WOW! Very posh! 8k is just a silly number for 1 night! Did you split the bill at the end?

  5. Erica says:

    How did you get a birthday present to be at a Presidential suite?? This I don’t get? Also, is there really no other room except the master room?

    P.S. so what did you tell your friend about the dragon ^_^

    • David says:

      Haha – yes I did explain to my friend that dragons were just mythological creatures and didn’t really exist 😀

      The suite has two “wings” but you have to pay for them separately I think (but am not sure since I wasn’t paying anyway)!

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