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Hong Kong Moments IV

Given the number of times I’ve been to Hong Kong over the past two years to show friends around I’m pretty sure that I could be an official tour guide by now. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy going there but there’s a limit to how many time you want to visit the same places. Here are some more of my favourite Hong Kong moments…


One of my favourite things to do is to take the old tram all the way along Hong Kong island from Shau Kei Wan to Sheung Wan. It’s great because you get to see many of the different districts at a leisurely pace and only costs $2 HKD.

Hong Kong Terrace

Most buildings in Hong Kong are densely packed together so there is little natural green space on the ground. While peering out of my hostel room I noticed these small roof gardens on top of the adjacent buildings.

Don't Look Down!

Contrary to popular belief when travelling I usually stay at establishments more on the budget side. This picture was taken from the window of the Yesinn Hostel in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for somewhere clean, cheap and safe this would be a good bet. The only downside is there is quite a lot of noise and light from the street below at night.

Hong Kong is Crazy

Even though their appearance isn’t very attractive often the apartments look nicer on the inside than they do from outside. It’s amazing to think how many lives are being played out behind these facades. Working as an air conditioning repair man here is a risky business!

Milk Tea

Even in small grubby restaurants like this can sometimes surprise you with a tasty meal. At this place in Sheung Wan the milk tea was delicious. Hong Kong-style milk tea is made from evaporated (rather than condensed) milk which gives the tea a richer taste and thicker texture. The smoother or creamier the better.

Man Mo Temple

On our way to Central we popped into Man Mao temple which was resplendent as ever with prayers attached to slowly burning incense coils filling the air with a pungent smoke. It’s interesting how different religions indulge the senses to provide a feeling of contemplation or whatever the mood being set.

Lippo Building

If you want to escape the skyscrapers of Central it’s worth popping into Hong Kong Park which provides a beautifully landscaped oasis of calm with some interesting colonial era buildings. In the background are the curiously shaped Lippo Center buildings. Some think the shapes look like koala bears hugging trees. What do you think?

Peak By Day

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a trip to see the view from Victoria Peak. This is how it looks like during the day but I think it’s better at night. You’d have to be very well off to afford an apartment here and even more if it has a view.

Luk Yu Tea House

Another must-do is dim sum for brunch. There are plenty of places to try it (see my reviews of Maxim’s Palace and the Jumbo) – last time I went to Luk Yu Tea House which is the oldest in the city. While the food and old world atmosphere was nice, the prices were steep for my liking.

Egg Tarts

In the restaurant you order items from the carts which the servers are carrying/pushing and then they stamp your bill in the right place. Above are some tasty egg tarts which you can find in bakeries all over the city and definitely worth a try – if they’ve just come out of the oven be careful not to burn your mouth!

Clouds Over Victoria Harbour

To round off a day in Hong Kong it’s worth bathing in the view of Victoria Harbor from Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) where you can watch the light show at 8pm each night. If you’re heading back to the island the Star Ferry runs till 11.30pm each night and is a nice alternative to the MTR.

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    1. David says:

      Thanks Jesse. I definitely need to find some new spots to shoot in Hong Kong though. I’d like to explore some more of the mountains and the new territories…

  1. Stevo says:

    Great shots, David.

    I’ll be spending 4 days in the the city that Opium built this week. I hope to get out to shoot early morning and at night.

    If you’re interested in a New Territories trek – there are the remains of WWII bunkers and trenches – the Gin Drinkers Line – in the NT. When the weather is less evil I’d be interested in checking it out.

    1. David says:

      Hi Aimee – thanks for the nice comments and your post – it has brought a smile to my day 🙂

      Will be looking forward to your Lantau trail piece!

        1. David says:

          Great write up Aimee but did not like the look of that spider at all! Amazing scenery on the top of the mountains – it’s amazing how much variety HK has in such a small area.

  2. Jennie says:

    Hi, I found your blog while researching my upcoming visit to Hong Kong (and mainland China, too). Your posts and photos are very helpful as I plan my itinerary. Just wanted to say thank you.

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