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Kumano Kodō Day 3: Miura-guchi

After a fitful nights sleep, I awoke early on Day 3 and had a healthy breakfast of fish, rice and salad before heading out the door at 8.30am. My legs were starting to feel the strain but I was in high spirits. Read more

Day 47: The Final Countdown

With anticipation of the end building, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and so it was an effort to drag myself out of bed this morning. Thankfully the sky was looking clear and bright. Read more

Day 25: Bamboo Rocks

Aside from the low whirr of a nearby vending machine and the occasional passing vehicle, last nights camping under Ashizuri hut was a success. Read more

Day 21: The Tin Man

Last nights camping passed without incident and, given that I’m a light sleeper, I’m amazed I managed to get a few hours decent kip. As you may have guessed, I’m trying to alternate nights under canvas with those indoors (weather permitting). Read more

Day 12: Cape Muroto

After two days of heavy rain the weather finally broke today and by mid-morning, the sun was shining. Things were looking up. Read more

Day 11: Gorogoro-ishi

I left Nushima minshuku a little after 7am under a sky that was threatening another damp day. Instead of walking through the 639m Mitoko Tunnel I decided to hike over the Kome Pass. Read more

Day 8: Kamo-michi Trail

Yesterday after posting my last entry something very fortuitous happened; at around 8.30pm a woman called Masako turned up at Hosenji and asked for me by name! Read more