Adverse Effects

It’s amazing how six months can pass so quickly, which incidentally is the release cycle period of the Gnome desktop environment. Last week saw the release of Gnome 2.10 and although I haven’t had a chance to upgrade yet the reviews are looking very positive. Everythings basically been polished up and better organised by the looks of things but this can only every been a good thing and I look forward to even better things to come in future releases!

This is my last week in Durham before I return home for the Easter holidays (all 5 weeks of it!!) but before I get to excited I have to keep reminding myself of the pile of project and revision work which awaits me! Yesterday I had an A0 (i.e. very big) version of my project poster printed, it looks pretty good stuck on my wall right now (if I do say so myself!).

Do you remember the cool Honda adverts which featured a series of mechanical devices setting each other off in sequence, apparently taking 606 takes to shoot (allegedly)? Now some enterprising folks have put together their own ‘contraption‘ in a similar (but not quite so slick) vain. Take a look at the videos on both sites, really nutty-professor stuff 🙂

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