End Game

With the summer ‘vacation’ rapidly drawing to a close (only one week left at work!) I realised today with a certain sense of finality that this may be my last ever holiday living at home 🙁 If/when I graduate next June I’ll probably be looking for full time employment somewhere although what I’ll be doing is anyone’s guess! I imagine this academic year is going to be fairly busy what with conducting my final year project, learning Japanese (attempting anyway), looking for employment and everything else. If the last couple of years were anything to go by then it’s going to go by very quickly!

Tech News

The desktop upgrade front has been pretty busy of late, what with new versions of X11, Gnome, Firefox, Thunderbird (and just about every other minor app) my computer has experienced a bit of a face-lift. It never ceases to amaze me how open source developers continue to churn out new and inventive updates which make the difference between applications being just good and great – and all of this for next to no monetary reward. I’ve been suspicious of large companies (IBM, Novell etc) who have recently become Linux advocates because I find it difficult how such companies can balance profit with openness which this dictates. I asked a guy at IBM last Thursday about this and didn’t get a straight answer but it seems obvious that the IT industry is desperately searching for “the next big thing” and are hedging their bets on Linux being that thing.

On the server front I’ll be making a few changes next weekend, none of which should be visible anyone but may cause a short period of downtime. Basically I’m shifting the whole web site over to the backup web/mail server because come next Tuesday (Oct 5th) my Dell PowerEdge 400SC will be moving with me back to Durham. In theory this should be a fairly straight forward operation but in practice it may take a while to get everything working smoothly!

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