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The exponential rise of blogs (weB LOG) over the last couple of years is changing the way people involved with them communicate and share opinions, ideas and news. They are the answer to our 24/7 cultures need for instantly available, up-to-date information from around the world. They can also provide a valuable insight into the way people think and interact (or so we’ve been led to believe…). I see it as a fascinating medium and have been amazed at the quality of some of the content out there. Obviously there’s a lot of rubbish to wade through and different things appeal to different people but when even the mainstream media start to take note of their infringing appeal you have to accept their prominence. This is a subject I could probably go on about at length for hours but I’ll spear you that discussion for another time. Here are some of my favorite daily clicks:

Binarybonsai.comWordPress guru Michael Heilemann shows off his design skills and is the author of the rather cool looking (but rather overexposed) template called Kubrick. Definitely the place to go for good blog design tips.

Blog – If your a bit of a gadget freak like me then you’ll love this site. It contains all the latest news of new products and novel uses of old ones! A little too much advertising for my liking but seeing as the guy who runs it does it as his full time job you’ve got to allow him to make a living!

Blog – Not so much a pure blog but a web comic with ‘rants’ from the author, his wife and friends tapped on the side. An excellent read for anyone who likes manga-style comics with a western twist. If you like it I’d suggest buying the book(s) and support the artist, after all where else would you ever get something of such high quality for free?

Blog“Kissui is a Japanese word meaning genuine.” Great blog with some even better pictures. Very kawaii. How Yuki (the webmistress) gets enough time to upload new ones so frequently is beyond me! Insightful commentary from the “home of the cool and cute” but avoids the stereotypes which are too often slapped on this part of the world.

Blog“Home of fine hypertext products.” Excellent daily selection of links pertaining to just about anything and everything collected together by Jason Kottke. Why trawl the web for the good stuff when someone else can do it for you?

#!/usr/bin/girl – The original and still probably the best wacky (and definitely geeky) link blog. I think her mini-bio says it all – “zannah is a digital anime girl located in seattle, washington”. Uber cool! She also runs a personal blog called vox.machina.

If you get a chance check them out, I’m sure you wont be disappointed! They all put my little blog to shame really but I have great aspirations!

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