Dr. Who?

After a fairly uneventful journey I’m back home now. I would have posted yesterday had I not been so horibly tired but better late than never! The nice surprise back home is that our ADSL provider has upped our connection to 2MBs, the downside being that it’s now capped at 15GB per month 🙁

Hopefully the old photo gallery will be back online again in a few days time once I’ve had a chance to rebuild the server (yes, again!). Hopefully with this new fast connection it should ease things a bit.

Saw the first episode of the new Dr. Who tonight (ask me no questions & I’ll tell no lies!). It was OK but only just. The acting was mediocre and although the story line may have only just been an introduction it didn’t particularly inspire me to see any more of it. To my mind it’s one series which is of its time and trying to bring it up to date is a little silly. I may be proved wrong on this one but still…

More soon 🙂

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