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Zürich Botanical Gardens

We reached Zurich from Salzburg by way of a fantastic 5-hour train trip through the Austrian Alps, clipping the corner of Lichtenstein before gliding along the shore of Lake Zürich to the main station. Read more

Shizuoka Road Trip

After a particularly sticky summer in Tokyo, autumn has arrived and the temperatures are finally beginning to drop. Looking back, it’s been a pretty good season for adventures and while my memory is still fresh I wanted to share a few interesting spots we visited on a recent road trip to Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県), a few hours west of Tokyo. Read more

Day 52: Kōya-san

After a fun weekend exploring a few sights in Tokushima and Kagawa that I’d missed the first time around (more on this in a later post) I woke at 5.30am on Monday morning and made my way to the Nankai Ferry terminal, about 20 minutes by bus from Tokushima Station. Read more

Day 21: The Tin Man

Last nights camping passed without incident and, given that I’m a light sleeper, I’m amazed I managed to get a few hours decent kip. As you may have guessed, I’m trying to alternate nights under canvas with those indoors (weather permitting). Read more

Bangkok to Cambodia by Train

In recent years my vacation time had become so compressed that there was rarely ever the time to take the scenic longer route anywhere. When it came to visiting Cambodia it would have been fastest to fly in via Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh but since I had managed to carve out two weeks of leave I instead opted to take the train. Read more

Inbetween The Lines

Since beginning a full-time job in Tokyo I’ve been taking the train to work, and everyday it leaves me with the weirdest feeling of having just passed through the bowels of some otherworldly monster. Read more

Getting Lost in Haruki Murakami’s ‘Town of Cats’

Book reviews are not usually my thing, but having recently finished Haruki Murakami’s epic three-volume novel, 1Q84, events conspired which were a little too coincidental to pass over. For those unfamiliar with Murakami’s work, he is one of Japan’s most famous authors whose work is humorous and surreal, often focusing on themes of alienation and loneliness. Many of his novels focus on the mundane lives of ordinary people who are suddenly catapulted into deranged circumstances. Read more

Return to Wuhan

As part of my job I need to visit Guangzhou in south China every so often (2 hours from Hong Kong by train) and on my last trip there I took the opportunity to venture further inland to Wuhan (武汉). Sitting slap bang at the intersection of many transport routes in the middle of Hubei province its an easy place to reach, and indeed I first visited back in 2007. Read more