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Shibamata Sojourn

Alongside Kawagoe, Asakusa, and Yanaka, Shibamata (柴又) is one very few remaining spots in Tokyo where you can get a glimpse of the city how it once was during the Edo period (1603 – 1868). The area combines a charming old shopping street with a beautiful temple and garden. Read more

Book Off

Secondhand books are big business in Japan and nationwide you’ll find the somewhat aggressively named Book Off (ブックオフコーポレーション) chain of used bookstores as well as innumerable tiny mom and pop shops packed to the rafters with eclectic assortments of reading material.

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Tokyo Shorts – Yanaka

After living in Tokyo for a short while you soon realise that it’s actually a conglomerate of many smaller cities linked together by the all-encompassing rail networks, each with their own unique feel. Read more

Tokyo Shorts – Kawagoe “Little Edo”

While technically in Saitama rather than Tokyo proper, the small city of Kawagoe (川越) makes for the perfect day trip from the megalopolis at just a 30 minute ride from Ikebukero Station. During a recent weekend I took a Sunday off to check it out. Read more

A Week in Tokyo Part 8 – Sugamo

While Harajuku and Shibuya are squarely aimed at the younger generations in Tokyo, it’s easy to forget that Japan has an ageing population with more than 20% of people being over the age of 65. So where do all these older folk go to shop? One popular place is Sugamo (巣鴨), otherwise known as “Grandma’s Harajuku”. Read more

A Week in Tokyo Part 3 – Plastic Food

One of the interesting things you’ll notice when feeling hungry in Japan is that many restaurants display plastic samples of their dishes in their windows in order to lure you in – especially helpful if you don’t speak Japanese. The fake food is incredibly realistic and has become an art form as well as a massive industry in Japan. Read more

Ningxia Night Market

As any visitor to Taipei discovers, one of the cities main attractions are its many night markets. On my previous trip I covered some of the big ones – Shida, Shilin, and Ximending, but on a recent trip to Taiwan I paid a visit to one of the smaller and more traditional ones, namely Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市). Read more