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Reflections on 10 Months in Shenzhen

Tonight I will be returning to the UK for a short break from China but fear not I’ll be returning in two weeks time. My flight goes from Hong Kong via Amsterdam meaning it’ll be a rather long journey (17 hours) which I never look forward to but hopefully should lessen the jet lag as I basically fly through the night of 8 time zones.

It’s been 10 months since I moved to Shenzhen and so far it’s been a great experience. Although I have developed somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the country it continues to fascinate me and I’ve managed to see and learn a lot more since my previous shorter trips as well as met some interesting people. Shenzhen might not be the cultural hub of China but I certainly appreciate its relative cleanliness and convenience as a gateway to the rest of China.

Through the window

I’ve managed to pack in a lot of short trips into the time, visiting Guangzhou, Yangshuo, Hong Kong (5 times), Xi’anShanghai, Beijing (again), Xiamen and many smaller places besides but there’s still a lot more to explore. Next on my hit list would be central/western China and in particular, Tibet would be my dream destination if I can find the time to do it justice.

Flying Trolley

I intend to spend my time in the UK catching up with friends and family, working on a few work-related projects and generally enjoying some non-Chinese food for a change! Here’s hoping I don’t catch H1N1 on the way 😀

Tangled Web

In case you wondered the pictures here are from the He Xiangning Art Gallery and OCT Art & Design Gallery which are both located in the Overseas Chinese Town. Neither had particularly interesting exhibitions on and for the entrance fee (20 RMB each) it felt like a bit of a con. Still, if you fancy seeing some strung up shopping trollies this might be for you.


Originally from the UK, David is designer and wanderer currently based in Kamakura. Prior to this, he lived in China and still returns frequently to continue exploring this vast and varied land. He started Randomwire in 2003 to chronicle his travels and occasional musings. Feel free to drop him a line.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Time flies,after read your post,suddenly I realized you are the first and only friend I know at shenzhen since I started to work at here.I really learn a lot from you,thx.haha.hope you will enjoy the time at your home country and with your family:)Take care:)

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