Reflections on 10 Months in Shenzhen

Tonight I will be returning to the UK for a short break from China but fear not I’ll be returning in two weeks time. My flight goes from Hong Kong via Amsterdam meaning it’ll be a rather long journey (17 hours) which I never look forward to but hopefully should lessen the jet lag as I basically fly through the night of 8 time zones.

It’s been 10 months since I moved to Shenzhen and so far it’s been a great experience. Although I have developed somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the country it continues to fascinate me and I’ve managed to see and learn a lot more since my previous shorter trips as well as met some interesting people. Shenzhen might not be the cultural hub of China but I certainly appreciate its relative cleanliness and convenience as a gateway to the rest of China.

Through the window

I’ve managed to pack in a lot of short trips into the time, visiting Guangzhou, Yangshuo, Hong Kong (5 times), Xi’anShanghai, Beijing (again), Xiamen and many smaller places besides but there’s still a lot more to explore. Next on my hit list would be central/western China and in particular, Tibet would be my dream destination if I can find the time to do it justice.

Flying Trolley

I intend to spend my time in the UK catching up with friends and family, working on a few work-related projects and generally enjoying some non-Chinese food for a change! Here’s hoping I don’t catch H1N1 on the way 😀

Tangled Web

In case you wondered the pictures here are from the He Xiangning Art Gallery and OCT Art & Design Gallery which are both located in the Overseas Chinese Town. Neither had particularly interesting exhibitions on and for the entrance fee (20 RMB each) it felt like a bit of a con. Still, if you fancy seeing some strung up shopping trollies this might be for you.

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6 responses

  1. Cute as always.

  2. Rebecca avatar

    Time flies,after read your post,suddenly I realized you are the first and only friend I know at shenzhen since I started to work at here.I really learn a lot from you,thx.haha.hope you will enjoy the time at your home country and with your family:)Take care:)

    1. Thanks Rebecca, we’ll have to catch up when I get back. I’m in HK airport now – free wifi, clean, quiet 🙂

  3. Adeel avatar

    10 months already, nice. I might be flying to BJ next week as well :).

    1. Cool, how long will you stay in BJ for?

      1. Adeel avatar

        4-5 weeks hopefully, just got a 40 day visa.


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