Guangzhou Gluttony

I spent last weekend in the culinary capital of southern China; Guangzhou. To say I ate a lot of food would be an understatement. It felt like a two day non-stop tour of East-Asia cuisine with my stomach bearing the brunt of all manors of Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese delights!


Before visiting Guangzhou I was warned by many friends to be careful with tales of thievery and general social disorder so it was with some anticipation that I stepped off the train on Saturday morning. Whilst the city is a bit grubby around the edges it wasn’t as bad as I had been led to expect and indeed the city has a far richer history and culture than Shenzhen (being founded in 214BC). It was however very crowded so if you’re claustrophobic I’d advise staying away!


Lunch: various duck parts cooked to perfection – very spicy but a sweet sauce takes the edge off.


Dinner: Vietnamese cold noodle salad with chicken curry (not shown) – seriously delicious.

Delicious Dim Sum

Breakfast: Dim Sum –  small parcels of Chinese heaven but eating too much may make you end up like my namesake (David = Da Wei = “big stomach”).

By the time it got to lunch on Sunday, it was all getting a bit much and it was all I could do to manage a few pieces of sushi despite my friend’s protestations! After that, it was time to head home oh train which was a welcome chance to relax and let the contents of my stomach digest. Sufficed to say no dinner was needed Sunday night 🙂

P.s. if your looking for cheap hotels in China check out the 7 Days Inn chain. I stayed in one overnight and found it clean and comfortable for an amazing 160 RMB (£15). They don’t seem to have an English website but the staff could understand me OK.

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6 responses

  1. Great photos! Makes me hungry. What is the camera you used? Your phone?

    1. Thanks! Actually I was using my Nikon D70s – a little excessive for food pics I know!

  2. Keefe Dunn avatar
    Keefe Dunn

    I can tell the first one was taken in Beijing Road, crowded as always.
    I believe no camera is excessive for any kind of photos, as long as you handle them well. You’ve done a splendid job. David. ^^
    Those duck parts look so delicious.

  3. Lily avatar

    I know there? there is beijing road or shang xia jiu road?right?
    I like that dian xin?=dim sim?this is guangzhou famous snack ?pao zi?xia jiao etc.
    In china,7 days Inn chain is very good cheap ?clean and comfortable,but In eurpean, I don’t like Etap>_<

  4. Hi Lily, thanks for your comments! Yes, the top pic is Beijing road. Dim sum is my absolute favourite!

    You’re right about Etap – cheap and nasty! You’re better off searching for a cheap hostel and checking the reviews on something like to find a nice one.

  5. laurent avatar

    the top pic is certainly not beijinglu. it’s shangxiajiulu, very close from where i live. this area is always overcrowded on evenings, and all day long on sundays. it’s not much representative of the real guangzhou, it’s been made for tourists and it seems to work, since they all come there…


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