Made in UK in China

I bet if you checked the clothes you’re wearing right now that most of them were made in China (or nearby). It would also be a fair bet that the computer you’re using was made there also along with your phone and a lot of what you own full stop. In fact, looking around me about the only thing not made in china is me! Whilst pondering the existential nature of life on the bus home last night this rather bizarre factoid struck home and I scribbled a note in my iPhone to remind myself of it later.

Made in UK

That same night I fired up Photoshop and determined to create my own statement of manufactured origin to adorn myself with. I decided to go with a take on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” war poster since it seemed to embody quintessential British sentiment using classic timeless design. Above is what I came up with (thanks to RC for kerning advice).

Made in UK

To make it more of an ironic statement I got it printed on T-shirts (his & her versions) at a small vendor in Hua Qiang Lu market (Shenzhen) for a ridiculously low price. So there you have it – from concept to reality in less than 24 hours a “Made in UK” T-shirt made in China (+points for noticing the unintentional faux pas).

These are very exclusive right now but for an appropriate donation I might be tempted to send you one 😉 I’m considering starting a shop that sells T-shirts printed with random Chinglish, my first victim being the T-shirt making shop itself whose motto proudly proclaims “Our Can Do It”. I love China.

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  1. Danica avatar

    Hey, since you are so right – 95% of the things that we buy are made in China – maybe you will find this interesting: I found a retailer of custom products that do not produce anything in Asia! And I really love most of their clothes. Take a look at this t-shirt shop to see what I’m talking about.

  2. Great stuff. You need to tell me where this shop is, i have some shirts I’d like to have made.

    1. It’s a little tricky to find but basically as you come out of Exit B of Hua Qiang Lu metro station there is a big underground store with lots of small clothes shops inside. Go up one floor and you can find it hiding near one of the corners (called “100 T-Shirt” I think).

      1. I know that place. Argggg. I’ll be lost for days.

        What file format did you take them? Did they make a transfer from the computer. and how much was it, if I may ask?

        1. Yeah, bit of a maze in there. I gave them the files on a USB drive in Photoshop format but I bet they could use pretty much anything as long as the resolution is high enough. It costs 55 RMB per t-shirt or 100 RMB for 2 (including the t-shirt itself). You might be able to get it cheaper if you want to print in bulk.

  3. Rebecca avatar

    Hahahahaha,it is a really funny post,hahaha.I am thinking you can put the President Mao’s picture on the t-shirt just like the tattoo,haha.

  4. I cannot help but notice “Made Love” on the sheet of your bed. Lol. Great design. You are talented 😉

    1. Yes you noticed the unintentional double entendre 😛

      Probably best for two people not to wear these t-shirts at the same time!

  5. ling avatar


    Do I get that Tshirt? I like it!

    1. It’ll cost you! Design like this doesn’t come cheap but I might consider a large discount if you’ll wear it while working (with my URL on)!

  6. Tom F avatar
    Tom F

    Fantastic! Although they do look a bit girly pink 🙂


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