London Calling

I spent the weekend in the fine capital city of London, once my home for three years, catching up with old friends and family.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Whilst bouncing between Waterloo, Esher, High Street Kensington, Bank and Canary Wharf I came across this rather intriguing poster. While the slogan is rather appropriate for the current economic crisis the poster actually originates from 1939 and was commissioned by the British Governments Ministry of Information during the Second World War (but never used publicly). Since its rediscovery in an obscure bookshop, it’s become somewhat of an icon spawning many derivatives online (as well as opportunists ready to flog you a copy). I’ve created an iPhone wallpaper version here.

London 2012 Concept Poster

It reminded me of these concept poster designs for the London 2012 Olympic Games by Alan Clarke designed to help people find the right tube stations for various events. It’s just a pity that it’s unlikely these will ever be seen by the general public either.

Classic British sentiment and design, I love it. Anyone from the Olympic committee listening? (hint: hire this guy)

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