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Had a fun time in our last Japanese lesson of the term today learning a little song from a popular Japanese cartoon – Doraemon.


The cartoon was originally created in 1969 and follows a cat-like robot from the 22nd century of the future (how do they think these things up…!) who is sent back to the 20th century to help Nobita, a rather hapless schoolboy. It became one of Japan’s most popular and well-loved manga/anime series which has a cult following (just do a search on Google and you’ll see what I mean!).


You could almost see Doraemon as the equivalent of Mickey Mouse in the U.S. (but a lot less annoying). If you’re so inclined you can:

  • Read the lyrics (with translation) here.
  • Read an article explaining Doraemon’s history here.
  • Visit the official website here.


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  1. ivan says:

    doraemon love it. i love the serial movie i love the dream of that robot. doraemon is a best friends. i love it u love it everyone love it.

  2. meghana says:

    hi i started seeing doraemon this year and i like every episode, instead of nobita if doraemon would come to me……. wow!!!!!!!!!!

  3. chris says:

    doraemon rules the anime world but where oh where can i get the sound file for the end of an episode where doraemon leaves one door on the right and enters the door on the left ?????? please help me with this email is [email protected] many thanks.

  4. Christine says:

    haha…me too juz found this website…i like doraemon too….now,hv this theme song can store inside my handphone…Yupeee!!!

  5. Joanne says:

    hihi…may i have ur advise? Do you know where can i buy Doraemon movie: “The Night Before a Wedding”?

    I would like to share it with all my friends and relatives on my wedding day….

    Warmest regards

  6. tai says:

    awesome lovved this cartoon – i've just stumbled on this post in search of “albert and sidney”. Like the earlier post I'm also from barbados and LOVED doraemon but loved him as albert and sidney. Thaaanks…..good memories!

  7. J says:

    I love Doraemon, forever!^^
    It was this cartoon that caused me to like Japanese animes,
    and, I do think that most people know him.
    I used to have a doraemon Original Sound track cassette but I lost it! Y_Y

    Have you heard of Doraemon OST called “Blue Sky Is Wonderful”?
    If any of you have the Mp3 (and lyrics) please send me via e-mail…Onegai…
    my e-mail address is [email protected]
    thx be4!!

  8. Naveen says:

    i really like doraemon. i want a robot like doraemon to solve my problem.doraemon's all machine want to reality in my life.

  9. elaine says:

    i really love doraemon ever since. when i was a little kid, doraemon and mojako are being compared. every one of us asks each other who we like the best, doraemon or mojako.. of course i much love doraemon. their adventures were very funny, though they sometimes fail. right now, i love more doraemon. i bought the doraemon anime. i watched the 'the movies' and i bought doraemon mangas!! i really love doraemon!!! this is my most favorite anime ever!!!

  10. VC says:

    Um, this is in response to Lennon, I'm from Barbados as well and I have been looking for the english version of this cartoon yes it was called “Albert and Sidney”.

    The thing is I think CBC got the cartoon from the UK (England most likely). From my research there is no such thing as the english dubbed version. I thought I was crazy too but I'm still looking, it was one of my favorite shows when I was young.

    I read somewhere that cartoon network will be putting on very soon in the future.

  11. vaibhav mathur says:

    i like doraemon very much i see it every day on hungama channel and daraemon is a very cute cat of 22nd century

  12. Raymond Roma says:

    hi………..i live doreamon…….bec. every time i watch the movie i can't control my self to smile……..doreamon ur so cute i like doreamon………..i am the one of ur funs doreamon……..i love doreamon………i like soniyo…………..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……

  13. abhigyan guha says:

    i'm from india and i lov 2 see doraemon daily at 4:30 pm! he is a versatile robo-cat and loves to eat dora-cakes.

  14. binbin says:

    I love to see doreamon everyday! i also like shizuka too! he is one of my most favourite cartoon character! doraemon keep it up!!!

  15. ALADDIN says:


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