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Had a fun time in our last Japanese lesson of the term today learning a little song from a popular Japanese cartoon – Doraemon.


The cartoon was originally created in 1969 and follows a cat-like robot from the 22nd century of the future (how do they think these things up…!) who is sent back to the 20th century to help Nobita, a rather hapless schoolboy. It became one of Japan’s most popular and well-loved manga/anime series which has a cult following (just do a search on Google and you’ll see what I mean!).


You could almost see Doraemon as the equivalent of Mickey Mouse in the U.S. (but a lot less annoying). If you’re so inclined you can:

  • Read the lyrics (with translation) here.
  • Read an article explaining Doraemon’s history here.
  • Visit the official website here.


Originally from the UK, David is designer and wanderer currently based in Kamakura. Prior to this, he lived in China and still returns frequently to continue exploring this vast and varied land. He started Randomwire in 2003 to chronicle his travels and occasional musings. Feel free to drop him a line.

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  1. Kol says:

    Thanks David for this site really helped me to improve my Doraemon site.If anyone would like to join my site and do graphics for me for free just email me at [email protected] .Also you can visit my site at multiply i also add your website at my links.Thanks again!

  2. Handsome T says:

    I think Lenon is right This was my favorite cartoon when I was a todler. Im Barbadian also and I remember it as Albert and sidney but found myself at his doraemon site. yo does this have more than one name or is albert and sidney the british version.

  3. ElephantLeg says:

    Also from Barbados guys above, Albert and Sidney I believe is strictly the British version, the original Japanese name was Doraemon, and when it was translated for U.S and other audiences in other parts of Asia it kept the name Doraemon.
    To my knowledge The U.K is the only country that changed the name, however it was not an official translation so it’s very difficult to find…( I don’t think they had obtained the rights to distrubte a translated version of Doraemon)
    Kind of sad though since it was dear to my heart being my first anime ever watched, the translations themselves also may not have been very inaccurate.

  4. mufida says:

    aku punya tokoh cartoon yg ku suka yaitu :avatar dan naruto(padahal perempuan) tapi tunggu dulu klo yg paling yaitu :doraemon yg top abizzzzzzz,klo aku ke tinggalan film doraemon the movie pasti nangis ,tolong dong klo nayangin doraemon ciang2 aja ya (jam 2)!kumohon karnaaku ngga' bisa ok

  5. Rabia says:

    I love you Doraemon……………!
    Don’t forget to visit my dream!
    I want to see your miracle pocket and please give me new world full gold. ok!

  6. Libra says:

    I so like Doraemon , Doraemon Is The Best Cartoon and i want to say good luck for sir Fujiko F. Fujio, because he is a Creator of Doraemon , good Luck for Doraemon I Love you So much and Forever Remember Doraemon All Person Love and Like You

  7. noorin says:

    hi iam noorin iam from india east or west DORAEMON is the best best best…. and his friends special NOBITA, SHEZUKA, GIYAN & SUNEO are my best favourite cartoons (i love doraemon till death) i love you doraemon u r the best guide to save NOBI from tensions, problems & and many things. NOBITA & SHEZUKA I LOVE YOU ( i want VDO of all new & old series of doraemon) please help me how can i get all these easily please help me my id is ([email protected]) i love you guys those who loves DORAEMON

  8. atteu says:

    i love you full…………doraemon !! me from indonesia. kapan ya aku bisa terbang pake baling-baling bambu ????????????????? hehehehehe,,,,

  9. DoraemonLover says:

    I love Doraemon too! I’ve watched it since I was young and I still love watching it even now! Hope that Doraemon stays popular all the time.

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