Colour in Motion

Stumbled across an interesting art project which looks at the ‘language of colour’ through a series of extremely cool little animations involving lots of different colored stick men!

Color in Motion

Although to the casual observer it’s a bit of fun it does actually have a serious point (…I think!) about the colours we associate with words and what can be inferred by this. Strangely enough my favourite colour is blue and from what the profile on the site says it fits me quite well!

Color in Motion

Take a look at ‘Color in Motion‘ to find see if any of them fit you!

If you liked that you may also want to take a look at these infinitely looping/recursive animations which can be found here and here – They’re pretty cleverly done and very trippy! If you feel like making your own here are the instructions 🙂

Both found via [Hippoblog]

This all reminds me of the days in my youth (many a year ago now!) when I used to create stop-motion animations using Lego men. Of course mine were nowhere near as good as these but they do have a certain comedy value today, especially with the voice acting!

News flash…
Received word yesterday that Red Ted has made it to Tokyo safely so hopefully we should receive some photographic evidence soon! Unfortunately due to his heavy schedule he is unlikely to make it back to the UK before Christmas but is reportedly quite enjoying his visit. Apparently on his departure from Heathrow airport he was heard to sniff very loudly “So long, and thanks for all thanks for all fish” – quite what this means I don’t know but no doubt all will become clear in time…!

And last but not least I though I had to post this photo because it made me laugh so much – can you guess where it’s from?


Thats right – only in America!!

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  1. Americans are lazy!! hehehehe I'm damn proud to be one though 😉

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