Had a fun time in our last Japanese lesson of the term today learning a little song from a popular Japanese cartoon – Doraemon.


The cartoon was originally created in 1969 and follows a cat-like robot from the 22nd century of the future (how do they think these things up…!) who is sent back to the 20th century to help Nobita, a rather hapless schoolboy. It became one of Japan’s most popular and well-loved manga/anime series which has a cult following (just do a search on Google and you’ll see what I mean!).


You could almost see Doraemon as the equivalent of Mickey Mouse in the U.S. (but a lot less annoying). If you’re so inclined you can:

  • Read the lyrics (with translation) here.
  • Read an article explaining Doraemon’s history here.
  • Visit the official website here.
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  1. To be honest I'm not a big fan of Disney – I don't mind the classic stuff but anything beyong about 1990 isn't all that good. For some reason the whole Mickey Mouse business just annoys me, not sure why, it just does! Doraemon is cool though!

  2. Maria avatar

    Wow! I love Doraemon! David, you've found a masterpiece. The balloons are great, but I'd worry about having some kind of helicopter blade in my head. There's only one point I disagree with you on – how could you find Mickey Mouse annoying? Apart from Fingermouse, the Rats of Nimh, and Jerry, he's the most intelligent rodent of them all! (though Jerry is evil, he really shouldn't pick on Tom like that).

  3. Selina avatar

    I can remenber the first time when I saw the cat on the book,it was in 1995(China).He is soo cool,he always have the spical things in his pocket!He is the greatest cat in the world!I love Doraemon!

  4. madrem avatar

    I like Doraemon and Doraemon's song so much so if who has Doraemon's song from each movies please give me ^_^ THANKS!! (to my e-mail, [email protected] )

  5. You're welcome – Doraemon always brings a smile 🙂

  6. Ejazz avatar

    Thank you very much for the high-quality theme song mp3. loved it. Doraemon was one of my favourites. Thanks again.

  7. Việt Hùng avatar
    Việt Hùng

    I love Doraemon, simply.

  8. I love Doraemon very much! Thanks for the mp3 theme song!

  9. nunew avatar

    thankkkkkkkkkk– _

  10. yeek avatar

    i luuuuuuuuvvvvve Doraemon!!!! and the theme song!!! i just simply grew up with it and listening to the song will always bring back my childhood memories back in my homeland… thanks alot!

  11. andri avatar

    i realy like doraemon

  12. gaflafgaf avatar

    I O Doraemon !.!

  13. Rachel avatar

    Doraemon rocks man!

  14. Nisa avatar

    Annyonghaseyo !

    Hi, everybody…I love Doraemon too. He is very cuuuuutttteee !!

    Gaseyo !

  15. Barbie avatar

    I like DORAEMON because…. he is soo cute!!

  16. Doraemon ….never end
    you are part of my cildhood
    arigatou gozaimasu

  17. Windy avatar

    LoVE dORaemoN!!!!!!!

  18. ShAdOw avatar

    Doraemon is sik as, I think it was known as ding dong before, lo thats what i called it when i was a little kid 😀

  19. Black Dsah avatar
    Black Dsah

    When I wasd a kids, everytime we want to Spain I would site and watch even thow I didn't understand what they were saying

  20. i luve this catoon so much.
    is made me laugh and relaxe.
    tyank you

  21. apple1024 avatar

    Sooooooooooooo cool!!!!Man, I've been looking for this song for months!!
    Arigatou gozaimasu!!

  22. Doraemon is God.

  23. papaya avatar

    another fan ♡

  24. i love doraemon soooooooo muchhhhhhhh

  25. doraemn alobu !!! 🙂

  26. anne avatar


  27. Wow, this is pretty crazy, I never imagined that this post would turn into the Doraemon appreciation society!

  28. Glaize avatar

    Since grade school I am a big fan of DOREAMON… he is part of my life ever…and now im already finish my studies and busy on my work,…nothing change…many of my friends here in the Philippines love DOREAMON…MAHAL NA MAHAL NAMEN YAN..

  29. coco avatar

    i love doraemon so i buy many about doraemon VCD
    and i buy doraemon comic too!!!!

  30. Ushi avatar

    A cult following you might say 😉

  31. am i abit too late to ask for the doreamon theme mp3… this post was since December 8, 2004 …. and now 28 july 2007… well just let me know if you got it..coz love doreamon so much..thanks guys

  32. irfie santoso avatar
    irfie santoso

    doraemon .
    i looove you ! 😀

  33. fluak avatar


  34. Rainnie Lin avatar
    Rainnie Lin

    I love DORAEMON so much and his friends.They're very lovely and their friendship are beautiful too!

  35. Simon avatar

    Thank you so much !

  36. รูป

  37. Thanks Buddha for Doraemon.I love Doraemon.It's very cool.

  38. audrey valenska avatar
    audrey valenska

    i like doraemon very much. doraemon give so much inspiration to me. doraemon so cute and funny.

  39. I'm Pooh avatar
    I'm Pooh

    I luv u doraemon

  40. selvri avatar

    lucu deh cerita doraemon

    makin seru buat cerita ya ya………

  41. doraimon es mi segunda serie faborita

  42. i love Doraemon mak..mak

  43. le cornell avatar
    le cornell

    i am happy because i could get the doraemon theme song

  44. Trung Kiên avatar
    Trung Kiên

    I love Doraemon

  45. yash avatar

    i love u doreamon

  46. victor avatar

    la serie de doraemon es muy divertida y emocionante para mi es la mejor ojala lo hecharan todos los dias

  47. LEnnon avatar

    Not to sound crazy..but i'm from Barbados in the Caribbean, and I remember watching this cartoon, but it was called Albert and Sidney, and the theme song went like…

    “put a propeller on top of your hat, Albert and Sidney a boy and his cat, Albert has magic, Sidney has fun…etc. etc.”

    I never knew what Doraemon was until I went searching for Albert and Sidney online and stumbled across the cute little blue cat…but now his name was Doraemon, can anyone help me?

  48. Naela n' nesi avatar
    Naela n' nesi

    Doraemon the best dah….
    smoga ceritana makin seru n' lucu aja

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    I love Doraemon so much. Anyone have ost doraemon complete (movie and the ending)? If yes, please post me the website or send to me. I'm so depressed when I was searching the OST doraemon complete. I really need it. This is my email [email protected]

  50. akiko avatar

    iloveDoraemon ♡
    im another BIG fan!


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