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Today, to the very day, was my grandparents Golden Wedding anniversary (50 years no less!). To celebrate the occasion we had a big friends and family get-together at a local hotel type place just outside of where we live. It was one of those occasions where there are a lot of people there who knew you when you were about 5 years old but who you only have a very vague recollection of! We had a very nice lunch (see Figure 1) before retiring to their house for afternoon tea (how British – see Figure 2). Although there was some pretty heavy rain in the morning it brightened up considerably at lunchtime and was pleasantly hot all afternoon.

Fig. 1 – A rather exquisite cake, half eaten, served with cream – yum.

Fig. 2 – Lounging around in the back garden!

Everything went off without a hitch, except perhaps when one of the younger cousins nearly drove a pram into a pond! Pre-teenage drivers these days!

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    Love the barbie doll!


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