Sorry for the bad grammar in yesterday’s post – my excuse is that I was very tired when I wrote it!

It’s been just under two weeks now since I moved my blog over to the new site and I’ve already been astonished by the amount of linkage that has been generated just by switching to something standards-based (RSS etc). The back-end system I was using before was OK but very limited compared to WordPress which seems to be becoming the de-facto replacement for the venerable MovableType which has gone commercial. Although I’m still not 100% satisfied with the layout of the new site I still think it’s better than the old one and will probably continue to develop it as and when I have the chance/inspiration. Now all I need is some more traffic so as to get people commenting a bit more…

Talking of comments, yesterday evening out of nowhere some random person starts talking to me on MSN, the conversation runs like this:

(so)H(so): hu the f*** r u
… who is anyone?
(so)H(so): i duno u tell me
… i have no idea who u r
(so)H(so): me neither
(so)H(so): hu am i?
… at least we agree on that
(so)H(so): lol
… so is ‘H’ a cunning pseudonym? possibly like ‘M’ in James Bond?
(so)H(so): nah im ellie howards daughte
(so)H(so): r
… ahh, that explains so much…
(so)H(so): rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I question why the internet seems to be a hotbed of strange and twisted people, whoever this person was they sounded seriously confused! I think in future I’ll just ignore such people to avoid causing them more mental harm. On a side note, why do people seem to regress to apes when talking online? Is it really so difficult to talk properly?! Enough ranting for one day!

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