After a rather tortuous train journey home (you’ve heard it all when their excuse for the train being late is “sheep on the line”!) I’m now back in my comfortable, yet rather warm around this time of year, loft. Although I can cook perfectly well its nice to have a weekend of mums decent cooking for a change!

If you’re into the strange world of anime read-on, otherwise you might want to read-off… (I think I may have just invented a new insult there ;)). Today I thought I’d review a series I’ve just recently started watching: Kiddy Grade (yes I know the title has a bit of the WTF factor but bear with it, its not as dodgy as it sounds!).


Set in the future where several galaxy colonies exist, Kiddy Grade follows the inner workings of the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT). GOTT was formed to oversee universal economic imbalance, arbitrate disputes, and negotiate contracts and treaties between planets. Clients pay GOTT for various services ranging from scoping out illegal materials to escorting a high profile person or document to its designated location. On the job are 2 ES members, Eclair and Lumiere (note the French theme going on here), who stand ready and willing to do what’s necessary to complete their tasks.


Eclair is one of the most powerful cyborgs ever created, although her data has been erased and rewritten so many times, that she has an innocent, childlike presence to her. Lumiere is a hacker cyborg and can get into and control a number of systems through merely touching the control panel. Together, they follow the orders of GOTT Commander Eclipse as best as they can, although sometimes they get help from a variety of other GOTT members.


The animation is generally good although the quality reflects the relatively low per-episode budget. The general storyline, which runs throughout, starts of slowly but picks up in the second half. If you’re looking for something a bit stupid and lighthearted then it’s defiantly to be recommended – 7/10.

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