Compost etc.

I’m off home tomorrow for a few days mainly so I can attend my grandparent’s golden wedding anniversary (quite an achievement in anyone’s book) at the weekend. In the course of things I also plan to build a super-hybrid compost bin out of technologically-advanced composite materials (read: wood) for my parents who have been lacking one since the previous incarnation had to be destroyed because of rot and general old-age – be sure to check back in a few days time for the highly interesting/riveting photos of its construction 😉

Today has been a generally lazy day with not a huge deal happening. One thing which I got round to doing was updating the old site with a new front page and a summary of news articles taken from this site all fetched via the ultra-cool RSS feed! Hopefully, things should begin to settle down soon on the website front once I get things how I like them!

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