The Eye 2

Just watched the much anticipated film ‘The Eye 2’, although the original was great this bears about as much resemblance to it as Russell’s paradox does to a runaway train (hows that for a Tuesday evening!). Even so, it isn’t a total disaster, it just isn’t particularly scary.


Pregnant Joey (Shu Qi) is verging on the brink of insanity after several failed suicide attempts. During the course of her pregnancy she is the unwilling recipient of an influx of haunting shadowy images that deeply disturb her. Having sought help from many source she finally turns to her estranged friend Sam (Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee), who may be able to shed some light upon the mysterious twilight world descending upon Joey…


None of the cast of the previous films appear in this one and there are no links between them. This time around the directors attempts to shock are poorly conceived and rely to much on the gross-out factor (see stomach pumping etc). This reeks of an attempt to cash in on its predecessors success, unless you’re an avid fan of the original I’d avoid – 5/10.

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