Mona Lisa Overdrive

Today started off a little abruptly when I realised only 30 mins before I had to be there that I had to attend a compulsory ‘Project Resources Course’ in the Library so no breakfast for me today! It was vaguely helpful as I managed to locate a couple of useful books (a medium that computer scientists are not well acclimated with!) in relation to my project. The one which I have found the most interesting was an ‘Atlas of Cyberspace‘ which “explores a remarkable universe of visual representations of the Internet’s diversity, structure and content”. It has an amazing variety of maps and general visual representations contained within it along with some pretty in-depth textual analysis.


My project is going to revolve around the visualisation of network traffic and this book is a fascinating insight into how data can be represented in visual forms you wouldn’t normally imagine, I only hope I can do something as cool!

You may be wondering what this has to do with the title of my post but it has a couple of connections to the above namely its the name of William Gibson’s sci-fi thriller novel as well as the name of a pretty cool track from The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack both of which deal with virtual environments, i.e. visualisations of digital worlds.

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