So tired

Today has been a bit of a write off as far as doing much is concerned. Having not had much sleep in the last couple of days I’ve been wandering around in a semi trance-like state today and am looking forward to getting a good rest tonight.

Whilst lounging in my spacious garden (!) this afternoon my ears were greeted by the unusual sound of the famous ‘Flying Scotsman‘ which was hurtling across the viaduct which runs parallel to the house. It was recently saved from being sold abroad by the National Railway Museum and it was an interesting sight to see a steam train running on the busy main line. No, I’m not a train spotter but its a very slow news day and I wanted to at least write something!

I’m off now to carry on reading my shiny new copy of ‘MegaTokyoVolume 1‘ which I picked up the other day in Newcastle (of all places).


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