My rather nice new 19″ Neovo X-Series TFT screen arrived today! It’s a beautifully designed piece of kit with a proper glass front and a metallic body meaning it’s not likely to get damaged all that easily. Considering the amount of time I spend in from of my computer every day I think it’s worth having a decent screen which pleases the eye rather than hurting it!

New Screen

Thought I might share a couple of cool photos sent to me by Nik yesterday taken in the fine city where we live:

The Forum
The Forum – (c) Nik Howard 2004

The first was taken in the local millennium-esq (post-techno-cool!) library known as ‘The Forum‘. It’s actually a combination of three different photos photoshopped together using transparent layers to create the effect of the ghostly looking figures – pretty cleaver, even more so considering it was taken hand-held without a tripod!

Blurred Lead
Blurred Leaf – (c) Nik Howard 2004

This second photo has also been heavily modified by extracting the dark elements of the leaf and then motion-blurring the background – very artsy.

And if you thought that was cool… check out the zoomage on this gigapixel image! It reminds me of something out a modern spy film where the agent hooks into a satellite feed and homes in on a target with the image sharpening itself as the image is zoomed in.

BTW… Anyone know where the title for todays post comes from?

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  1. Barbie – lol @ the URL! Very close guess, its actually from a track by Orbital – “Technologicque Park” but pretty much in the same vain as JMJ!

  2. Title?

    John Michel Jarre?

  3. Kitty avatar

    That is a very nice screen, I like 😀

  4. Nice monitor! 🙂


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