London 2012 Logo

You would have thought that designing the logo for the London Olympics would have been the easy bit but if this is the best they can come up with it’s a bit depressing. London may be a “cool and happening” city but this is just not doing it for me, nor most other people but the sound of things – in the papers, on the tube, and around the blogosphere the consensus seems to be that it’s pretty awful. Personally, I thought that the logo they used for the bid was a lot better, I guess we’ve got another 5 years for it to evolve.

In tenuously related but possibly less high-profile news I’m looking to re-design the look of so expect to see some changes around here. Whilst I think the current site looks good it’s not changed much over the last few years so I think it’s due a refresh.

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  1. Yeah, if you have the chance it would be well worth it!

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    I hope I have a chance to visit London before my graduation.


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