London 2012

London 2012

Congratulations to London for winning the bit to host the 2012 Olympics after Beijing in 2008. Like so many I was expecting Paris to win so it came as a bit of a surprise! Hopefully if I’m still living in the capitol in seven years time I’ll be able to go to see some of the events!

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  1. As we are celebrating the 2006 games in Tourin Italy. I think what a wonderfull dream come true that the place I was born will be hosting the 2012 olympics.

    As I know live in Canada it seems so far away but as I speak to friends and family I say…

    “I'm gonna be there”, In the Uk clebrating the olympics where I was born”

    I am damn proud to be a Brit and I cant be happier that London will be hosting the Olympics.

    Well done London!!!!!

    from a Canadian girl

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    hi to all out there
    i think it is great to be close to the opening of the olympic
    maybe i will go there one day
    good luck to all taking part
    from a true british beliver


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