Mudchute Chilli Farm

Did I mention that I am growing chillies this year?

4 Week Old Chillies

Having found a penchant for hot food a few years back I now put chillies in just about everything I cook so it seemed to make sense to grow my own as well (as being a bit of a distraction from everything else). Luckily most of my family are fairly green-fingered so I’ve had plenty of advice and to be honest, it’s not that difficult, at least mine haven’t died yet! You basically plant the seeds at the right time of year, make sure they have enough water and then watch them germinate and grow.

Mudchute Chilli Farm!

The variety I’m growing is called “Demon Red” (Heat Level 10/10) and according to the Royal Horticultural Society are ideal for Thai cooking. Mine have been growing for about a month now so they’re only a couple of cm high but rapidly approaching the time when they’ll need to be transferred to larger pots. I’ve got 7 plants in total (1 was donated to a worthy cause!) which should make for a bumper crop later in the year. Drop me a line if you’d like some homegrown organic chillies and your country of residence allows the import of explosive materials 😉

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  1. Actually it was the 8th which was donated to the Esher chilli testing and quality assurance labs… hopefully we should be getting certification from them shortly!

    It's supposed to be bright this weekend so fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Margaret G avatar
    Margaret G

    Chillis look v.good!! What was the 'worthy cause' that the 7th chilli was sent to??!!Hope there's some sun soon to get them going!

  3. Shirley avatar

    Growing your own chillies… sounds interesting:) Maybe I would like some home-cooked spicy food someday, in that case, will need an import licence for your home grown organic chillies.

  4. Hey if they don't get much sunshine there just send them over to Pakistan, right now it is 46 C here in Lahore so I think they will grow much quicker :).

  5. Shirley – I would have thought you were used to spicy food!!

    Ushi – I once touched my eyes after handling chillies, horribly painful experience. It's amazing how something so small can be so violent! This is the first thing I've tried to grow, if this goes well the sky's the limit!

    Adeel – 46 degrees C!! My goodness, how on earth do you manage to survive in that? Anything about about 30 is far to hot for me!

  6. Ushi avatar

    My parents grow chillies. We had one set that set your fingers alight on just touch……

    We donated a pot to our elderly neighbours, who are rather curious on all this 'foreign' stuff….They enjoyed it ….

    Have you tried growing corriander, mint and other herbs? They grow really well here, and are absolutely delicious.

    I think I now know what to get you, if you ever have a) a house party, b) I actually attend …. 😉

  7. Let me know if you get a lot..

    Paul Chamberlain wants something mild to chew on!

  8. Haha, he might get more than he bargained on 😉

  9. When you back in these parts then?

    Sure we can gather the masses for a drink or 5 🙂


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