Play-doh Rabbits

If you liked Sony’s rather creative Bravia adverts (remember the bouncing balls and exploding paint?) then you’re probably going to enjoy their latest “colour like no other” commercial, coming to screen near you very soon:

Sony Bravia Play-doh Advert

Featuring hundreds of bunny rabbits animated in play-doh directly on the streets of New York the commercial has the same sense of playful surrealism as its predecessors. To achieve the effect in a very short space of time separate bunny models were made for each frame of each sequence which was meticulously rehearsed before shooting on the streets of NYC, a particularly cool backdrop! To create a high volume of bunnies in each sequence the same models were reused in different positions thus getting more for less. Here’s the final ad:

Check out the equally innovative official site for a higher-res video and more behind-the-scenes information [via].

Elsewhere… I’m having an exceedingly busy week consisting mainly of working, eating and sleeping. Lots going on but hopefully I should have a chance to update more soon 🙂

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  1. Maria avatar

    Waah! Sugoi! ^_^ That's amazing, I love that advert 😀 bunnies!! bunnies bunnies bunnies! It's really pretty too 🙂 Thank you for posting it ^_^

    Good luck with all your work at the moment 🙂

  2. Glad you liked it! I saw it on TV tonight but it was a cut-down version which was a shame.

  3. Sandy avatar

    the bunnies are soooooooo sweet. 🙂
    glad that you started to learn even korean. (thumb!)

    colors in the cold dark winter seems extremely active.

    just added you in flickr as new user “mirrorstone”

    best wishes,


  4. Thanks Sandy, I'll look out for you on flickr!


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