Living for the Weekend

It’s been another busy weekend here in the capital (or technically just outside it) with the only relaxation being that the clocks shifted back an hour this morning giving us an extra hour in bed! This isn’t to say it was bad, in fact, it was a lot of fun 🙂

On my travels yesterday afternoon in the centre of town I briefly wandered into Tate Modern (again) to take a look at their latest commissioned piece – 14,000 plastic boxes piled up as a reflection on… a cardboard box the artist found in her mother’s house. Yes, folks, this is art.

(c) Someone else

I do like to bash contemporary/modern art, but on this occasion, I’ll leave it to someone else:

“Saw her & her TERRIBLE Turbine Hall piece on The Culture Show last night. She’s pompous and stupid… always a winning combination in the Art World. Honestly even the pseuds on the telly were arching their eyebrows at the sugar cube icebergs, a slight idea realised in epic proportions; yep, another Tate comission.”

The only positive side of this is that when it is dismantled next year the whole thing will be ground down and recycled.

Lord of War

Yesterday night I saw Lord of War at the cinema, and not really knowing anything about it beforehand I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a retrospective on the life of a highly successful and cunning illegal arms dealer who is forced to confront the morality of his work. Whilst you might imagine this is just trying to make a political statement it cleverly steers clear of this and yet still delivers a smart, complex story about violence, corruption, and the essence of warfare. Highly recommended (8/10).

Finally… what happens when you launch 250,000 multi-coloured bouncy balls down a hill in San Francisco? You end up with a cool Sony TV commercial (like no other TM)!

Sony Advert
Sony Advert

I noticed this yesterday while having a browse in the local Sony Centre but at first thought it must have been done with CG. Amazingly though this is all real!

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4 responses

  1. Yeah, at first I wasn't so sure about it, but if you take it at face-value it's really quite good. I found it really interesting but am still not sure how true it is to real life.

  2. I remembered you told me yesterday that the film was not good as you expect. So, do you think it is meaningful when yuo recall it?

  3. Russell avatar

    Hi David, when I went on a design trip to london I saw this at the Tate and I thought it was terrible too. Hope works going okay. See ya

  4. SthgToRead avatar

    That are not sugar cubes nor ice cubes but crates. They dont ressemble crates (or is it said boxes) because they are the idea of boxes and the memories inside it like the boxes you keep in your attic. Attic, antic memories, childhood, parent's childhood, grandparents, family history, one boxe is one history.


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