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Thursday 6th Sept was a very wet day in Seoul – it poured it down nearly all day although remained hot and humid. This further scuppered my plans of sightseeing but did give me an excuse to get a bit more familiar with the local cuisine!


I was lucky enough to meet up with a couple of friends who introduced me to some interesting dishes:

  • Extremely spicy chicken with dry noodles – we visited a small restaurant which only served this dish. It was delicious but not for the faint of heart. Better be ready with a large jug of water to extinguish the flames!
  • Green tea latte – interesting fusion and not unpleasant (also available in iced form).
  • Tok (rice cakes) – kind of squashy/rubbery substance with no taste so ate dipped in sugar.
  • Belgium waffles (definitely not Korean!) – somehow managed to eat between lunch and dinner!
  • Buchimgae (picture above) – made with various chopped vegetables fused together in a soft pancake. I’d really like to learn how to cook this one, apparently its popular for a rainy day.

The latter of the evening was spent in Insa-dong, an area of art shops and restaurants, which I had visited on my previous visit. By late evening it had stopped raining so on a rather heavy stomach I made my way back to the guest house in Myeong-dong and prepared for my rather epic day to follow…

Check out My Korean Kitchen for some great authentic recipes 🙂

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  1. Ah, thanks for the tip Seonhye! I'll have to give them some extra attention on my next visit 😉

  2. Seonhye Lee avatar
    Seonhye Lee

    what you had is probably Garae-Tok. long stick shape and no taste. i like it with honey instead of sugar. we have many different kind of Tok here. you should try them all. 😀


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