As any long-term readers will know I absolutely love dim sum. It’s the food of Chinese gods and southern China is the best place to sample it. On Sunday morning our hosts for the weekend took us to the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant located in Aberdeen Harbor.


Constructed like an ancient Chinese imperial palace this is one restaurant you’d be hard to miss.

Hustle and Bustle

Arriving early by boat (a little before 11 am) we immediately got a table on the second floor of the massive water-bound hulk and started ordering up some tasty little morsels of food heaven. As usual, waitresses ferried small carts around the floor which you could pick and choose from or order direct from a menu (with English translations).

Jumbo Food
Jumbo Dim Sum

As dim sum goes the quality was very good although I’d be hard pushed to say whether it was better than Maxim’s or not (but price wise was a little cheaper). I’d recommend going on an empty stomach to make the most of this experience!

Mango Pudding

Of note was the delicious mango pudding – a local speciality in Hong Kong which must be tried along with egg tarts readily available at bakeries everywhere. For more classic HK delicacies not to be missed check out this article on CNNGo.

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3 responses

  1. I’m surprised that you opted for Jumbo for Dim Sum, so many better spots in HK. Btw, I know of a good cantonese dim sum place in Shenzhen, mostly frequented by HK-ese if you’re interested.

    1. To be honest it wasn’t my choice but the food was pretty good. Where would you recommend in SZ?

  2. Nichelle avatar

    I am out of luck to find the local REAL cantonese Dim Sum in SZ in the past years.
    Shenzhen is such a “Northern” city in the south. Mixed up with people from other province. I never suceed to speak Cantonese in SZ.
    So, I don’t suprised yr questions D.


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