Hong Kong Moments III

Hong Kong is a mesmerizing city unlike any other. Each time I visit there’s never a lack of interesting streets to wander through and at night the mass of concrete and steel is brought to life by thousands of neon lights.


The view from Victoria Peak is not to be missed and is somewhere I always take first-time visitors.

HK Canyon

The tightly packed streets on Hong Kong Island create urban canyons through which daily life progresses, often with the old and new in stark contrast. In less than 20 minutes you can walk between the glittering skyscrapers of Central and the historic markets of Sheung Wan. This time we stayed in a friend’s apartment on the mid-levels which lie directly above Central.

Wet Market

Hong Kongers are well-known for the crazy hours they work and the stress this causes. Coupled with these dense living conditions it’s been said that as many as 1 in 3 has developed psychological conditions as a direct result.

Dark Alley

Somewhere you might not want to walk through at night but intriguing nevertheless and somewhat reminiscent of New York. During much of the year air conditioning is a must and the constant whirring of the wall-mounted units makes for a comforting backing track.

Lazy Cat

On a warm afternoon, a cat sits lazily outside a dried seafood shop. I envy it…

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  1. Stellar shots. The former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road are open to the public for another week or so. Worth a look if you like old buildings. There’s a shot in my flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevosz/

    We should really get together and shoot, here or in HK.

    1. Yeah I saw your shots a few days ago – looks like a fascinating place. Give me a shout next time you go out for a shoot – would be great to have a partner in crime!


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