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For the first time in two years since I moved to China, I was struck down by a rather nasty case of food poisoning last Friday which scuppered any prior plans for the weekend. It did, however, leave me with plenty more time to waste surfing the www and I came across this hilarious set of videos about Japanese culture that I felt compelled to share.

They’re not new but timelessly wonderful:


While at a glance they could come across as serious instructional videos for naive foreigners it’s fairly clear who’s having the last laugh 😀


Mr Toyoda should probably pay close attention to this one since is recent bowing fiasco… Clearly the “Long Ojigi” would have been more appropriate!


I personally prefer the “Shigoto-nin” technique for chopstick separation with a “Mount Fuji” grip. How do you use chopsticks?


This one is actually closer to reality than you might imagine 😉


The humour is so dry you might almost think it’s British but credit for them goes to a group called Rahmenz (ラーメンズ) and released by Japan Culture Lab. They’re a great homage to all the over-used clichés and stereotypes about Japan which have been so convincingly put together with clearly a lot of effort.

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  1. Watched all of them. Great fun! 😀 I can imagine how someone might take these as serious and be confused when Japanese folks crack up at their weird antics when on holiday.

    1. Hey Aku – had wondered where you’d got to – glad you enjoyed them!

      If I ever live in Japan I will send these to everyone I know who asks me what it’s like to live there and see if anyone realises 😀

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