I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok

I'm A Cyborg, But That`s Ok

… is the unlikely title for Park Chan-wook’s next film about a mental patient who believes she is a robot (seriously). After his infamous revenge trilogy (Old Boy, SfLV) it certainly seems like a change of pace for the uncompromising director but considering the savage content of his prior work this should be a walk in the park!

There are some obvious parallels to be drawn between Park Chan-wook and Quentin Tarantino who might be accused of putting style before substance and being overly exploitative but considering that film is a visual medium in the first place isn’t that part of the experience?

I'm A Cyborg, But That`s Ok

I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen it but based on what we’ve seen in the past it’s bound to be one to watch! Check out the trailer and the funky official site (in Korean but don’t miss the amazing design).

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    Anngelica Aguilar

    I saw this movie not too long ago! It was truly a great film 🙂


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