Ramp Off!

Working for an American company obviously brings with it the inevitable Americanisms; we ramp up, deliver on, roll off, sync up and occasionally write dates in the wrong order! The worrying part is, as an Englishman, when you find yourself using them to people not in the loop (“What do you mean we have to ‘de-train’ at the next stop?“)!! I’m sure Jacques Chirac might have a thing-or-two to say about this but such is globalisation. In the end, you can never replace the true Queens English! Just my two cents worth 😉

All that was just a long-winded way of saying my project finished yesterday – at least for now I can exhale! With this comes many advantages – sleep, weekends, sanity… to name but a few! Yes, life is good.

P.s. If things look a little messed up around here briefly it’s because I’m testing out some new site designs – watch this space!

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