78 Hours Later

Wow, this month seems to have passed in a flash – looking back on things the last couple of weeks have been particularly frenetic and feel more like a couple of months!


The great news this week is that 24 (Season 4) has begun and is as brilliant as ever. After last seasons blood-bath a lot of the old characters are gone but obviously the unstoppable Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) remains. This time the plot centres around the kidnapping of the US Defence Secretary but of course there are countless sub-plots interconnected with it and doubtless the producers will throw a few twists in along the way.


I’m surprised that the show has managed to maintain momentum all this time as with 24 real-time episodes to get through it’s no small feat to put together. I’ve seen every episode since it began (that’s around 78 episodes!) and am still hooked on it so it must be doing something right, I just hope it continues in the same fashion 🙂

The Sound of iPod – As cool hardware hacks go this has got to be the best so far I’ve seen. Some guy has managed to extract the bootloader from a 4G iPod by sounding out ticks with the iPod’s squeaky piezo. The upshot of this being that hopefully soon you’ll be able to run Linux it, opening up a whole heap of cool new uses for this already excellent bit of kit.

More iPod links: Armour plate for your iPod & Maximising battery life HOWTO.

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