Dawn till Dusk

Not a huge deal going on today but I thought I might share a couple of snaps I took of the sky today – one at dawn and one at dusk. Although they’re nothing special I quite like the contrast between them. Photography also provides a much needed distraction from work (as does this site!).

Dawn till Dusk
Click here for a larger version

If you need even more distractions then might I suggest this site which provides instructions on how to construct your own “Micro-Claymore” from common office supplies – perfect for catching unwanted trespassers into your domain! Learn how to build more ‘Office Bricolage’ here 🙂

That’s all for today but be sure to check out some of the new photography links I’ve updated on the right nav. bar – I wish I could produce stuff half as good as some of them!

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2 responses

  1. Thanks – yes they were taken out my window so the treeline is just looking over towards the Science site. I really must find some more creative places to take photos, it's just i see the sky while I'm working and often take a quick snap!

  2. Maria avatar

    Wow! Those pictures are really pretty! Were they taken looking out of your window? I'm not sure I recognise the treeline in the dusk one (not that there's a treeline to recognise in the dawn one).


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