From April 2013

Minimal Business Cards

I recently designed some new business cards for Randomwire and instead of the normal multi-field affair I wanted to make it as simple as possible. Since my email address already contains my name, twitter handle, and website address I choose to show just that with a bit of markup to delineate each part:

Minimal Business Card Design

A friend of me pointed out that someone had already done something similar but mine uses symbols rather than words as markup. I’m not sure which is more/less ambiguous but I’d like to think mine might work better in a multi-lingual environment.

Randomwire Business Cards

I think the end result, printed by moo, came out quite well!

Disappearing Guangzhou – Part 1

Over the past few years I’ve visited Guangzhou (广州) countless times for both work and travel, but besides the excellent cuisine, never found it particularly inspiring – it’s grey, heavily polluted and over congested. However, on my last trip I stumbled across an area which gave me a whole new perspective… Read more

Learning To Walk Again

As if being reborn and able see the world through the eyes of a child again, the first few months living in a new country is often termed the “honeymoon” period when even the mundane is new, fresh and exciting. Read more

Earthquakes in Japan

I have to admit that first few small earthquakes I’ve felt in Tokyo have been equal measure unnerving and exciting. Before moving here I didn’t realise that they would be so frequent but apparently there are over 100,000 per year, most of which are so small they are unable to be felt. Read more