From March 2011

The Screen Traveller: 1930’s Hong Kong

Below is a wonderful film providing a tour of colonial Hong Kong in 1938 when the city was still under British colonial rule. It was shot by the filmmaker André de la Varre, and ran in movie theaters after the newsreels and before the main features. He used a small Leica camera, and was completely self-taught, crafting his technique through trial and error as he traveled the world. Read more

Building a Better eBook

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in recent years; when old media (tv, publishers) try to translate their wares into new media formats (smartphones, tablets) they often fail miserably because they translate the formats too literally. That is they try to make a digital newspaper look and behave like a paper newspaper, and so on, without considering the fundamental differences between the way you interact with both mediums. Read more

Macau Photo Walk – Part 3

Once you get away from the touristy side of Macau (see Parts 1 & 2) there are some great back streets full of thriving traditional communities which look like they date back some considerable time. With camera in hand I ventured inside the labyrinth of narrow alleyways to explore how some of the locals live. Read more

Greenpeace Hijacks Japan Vigil

Last Sunday I attended what I thought was going to be a vigil to remember the victims of the tsunami in Japan organised by Greenpeace in Hong Kong which was held at Central Statue Square. What I hadn’t bargained on was that it would be hijacked by them as an anti-nuclear demonstration instead. Read more

Panasonic Lumix GF 2 Video Test

Over the past few weeks since I brought my new Panasonic Lumix GF2 Micro Four Thirds camera I’ve been testing it out around Hong Kong, mostly in the evenings and weekends. One of the key features I’ve been playing with is the video mode which shoots full 1080i HD at 25 fps. Read more

The Art of Emergency

Without wanting to rehash everything which has already been said the world is clearly in shock at the events which have occurred and are still unfolding in Japan. For most people we can only look on at the vivid pictures being beamed into our homes with a mix of emotions and an overriding feeling of helplessness in the face of mother natures wrath.

Read more

Macau Photo Walk – Part 1

Despite having lived in the south of China for the best part of the last three years there is was one striking place I had never visited; Macau (澳門). As a former Portuguese colony Macau is classed as a special administrative region along with Hong Kong, and retains a large degree of autonomy. Read more

A Walk Through Nantou

Shenzhen is one of the most modern cities in China, having rapidly developed over the past 30 years since its inception as a special economic zone. Walking around its streets there is little to see in the way of history or culture but scratch beneath the surface and there are a few intriguing glimpses of the past to be found. Read more

Lantau Island Hike

Despite being one of the most built-up and dense cities in the world Hong Kong provides some of the best hiking to be found so close to a large urban center. Within half an hour you can be away from the skyscrapers and climbing rolling mountains or walking along pristine coastlines. Read more