From October 2010

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Marunouchi (丸の内) is an upscale commercial district in Chiyoda (千代田区) ward between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. It’s the center of Japan’s financial industry and is packed with glistening skyscrapers and identical-looking men wearing dark suites. After a night of heavy rain I visited on a bright Friday morning and wandered through the business district to the outer edges of Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居). Read more

Resources For Planning A Trip To Japan

I thought I’d take a break this week from relaying my travel tales to bring you some useful info for anyone planning a trip to Japan themselves. For me the planning part is as much a part of the holiday as the time spent travelling itself – there’s something innately enjoyable about working out where you want to go, how to navigate your way around and where to stay. Read more

Shinjuku Photo Walk

If you ever want to experience the worlds busiest train station then head to Shinjuku (新宿区) in Tokyo which handles a staggering three million+ passengers a day with 35 tracks and over 200 exits! Around rush hour you’d be lucky to ever find your way out the station such is the labyrinth of passages leading in all directions. I visited the area a couple of time during my trip and below is a roundup of some of the sights I encountered… Read more

UNIQLO & 3M in Harajuku

Harajuku (原宿) is an area north of Shibuya (next to Meiji Shrine) which is renowned as the center of Japan’s extreme teenage fashion styles where young people gather on Sundays to socialise and show-off. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit on a Sunday but I did wander around the adjacent shopping district and came across a few interesting places of note. Read more

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

After arriving in Tokyo my first port of call was the area where I would be staying; Shibuya (渋谷) in the southwest on the city on the Yamanote line. If you’ve ever watched a travel documentary about Tokyo before then you will have undoubtedly seen the iconic “scramble crossing” directly outside the station with its enormous video screens and neon advertisements. Read more

My First Impressions of Japan

Arriving at Haneda airport on a slightly overcast Wednesday morning was not the most auspicious way to enter Japan for the first time but even in my severely sleep-deprived state there was still a sense of excitement in the air. I had made it. Finally after literally years of false starts I was in Tokyo and ready to lap up the experience. Read more