From June 2010

Bibimbap Heaven in Jeonju

If you’ve never tried Korean food than you’re missing out big time. While kimchi may not be everyone’s dish-of-fermented-cabbage there’s oh so much more to try and among my favourite dishes is Bibimbap – literally meaning “mixed rice”. It just so happens that bibimbap originates from Jeonju so while I was there I tried the original… Read more

Jeonju Photo Walk – Part 1

During my two-and-a-bit days in Jeonju, South Korea I spent most of my time in the traditional Hanok Village and managed to snap a sizable number of pics which I want to share over the next few days in a three-part series. I’ll keep my notes short but should be enough to give you a flavour of what you can find there. Read more

Getting My Priorities Straight

The past week has been fairly hectic and thanks to China’s generous system of making you work the weekends either side of a national holiday I’m still in the office today (Sat). To add to my woes the weather is oppressively hot and humid in Shenzhen making it very hard to sleep at night, even with the AC on. I’m tired out. Read more

Is Foxconn Skynet?

Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics worldwide and companies like Apple and Dell contract them to build/assemble their products at huge factories in places like Shenzhen. They employee over 800,000 people in mainland china alone and a spate of recent suicides have brought into question their employment practices. Read more